Welcome aboard the first Studio-Level Functional Aircraft Carrier Pack for MSFS.

At Miltech Simulations, we have been developing the necessary tech for functional Aircraft Carriers for the past three years. This product is the result of extensive research and development of proprietary tech to enable all the real-life systems and operations that you may find in US and in international Aircraft Carriers.

  • Beautifully Modeled Ships: four ships included on initial release, Ford-Class CVN-78, Nimitz-Class CVN-76, Arleigh-Burke Destroyers and Ticonderoga Cruisers. Great attention of detail, both on the deck area, as well as the hangar.

  • Roadmap: Additional ships, such as Independence-Class Ships and French Carrier Charles de Gaulle planned for free future updates. Other ship packs may be released as expansions.

  • Moving and Static Ships: A total of 14 moving locations and 14 static (anchored) locations are included.

  • Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro Toolbar: In-sim toolbar for full control of the carriers

  • Universally-compatible Arrestor Cables and Catapults: This product was developed in in such a way that any aircraft, stock or 3rd party, can use the catapults and arrestor cables without any modification, and regardless if the aircraft has a tailhook or not.

  • Full Xbox Support: All features are fully supported on Xbox. Carriers have been optimized for excellent performance on Xbox.

  • FLOLS and LRLS: Functional Optical Landing Systems to safely guide your aircraft to the deck - follow β€œthe Ball”

  • Landing Signal Officer: Fully-functional Landing Signal Officer, with functional audio callouts to guide the aircraft on landing and feedback scoring based on real naval operations.

  • Animated Crew, Jet Blast Deflectors Flags and Elevators

  • Fully Accessible Hangar (moving and static ships)

  • Navaids: ILS and TACAN are available on static carriers

  • Exclusive Discord Community to foster group flights, events and interaction among players. Invite is available on the Toolbar

  • Carrier Comms: UNICOM and ATIS are available on static carriers. Carrier ATC Voice channels available over Discord for all locations.

  • Full Multiplayer Support: Both moving and static carriers are fully compatible over multiplayer.

  • Full VR Support: The entire product is self-contained within the game.

  • Extensive Documentation covering equipment, systems and procedures.

  • Teleport (Experimental Feature): teleport your aircraft to the carrier hangar, approach or deck using the teleport feature. Aircraft will change state according to where is teleported to.

We hope you enjoy our product,

Miltech Simulations

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