🐞Osprey/Harrier Sliding on the Deck

This is unfortunately an MSFS limitation with VTOL aircraft. A similar situation occurs with the Harrier and possibly the F-35B as well. VTOL aircraft will only grab onto the runway at low throttle/low speeds. There is a threshold in which the gear detaches as the VTOL code takes over, and it does not account for the movement of the ship. Essentially the ship will continue moving but the aircraft does not react to inertia There are a few ways around this issue:


  1. Land with nacelles 60-75deg instead of VTOL landings when operating on moving carriers. This will give you some more control. After landing, throttle to IDLE and apply braking

  2. Use quick taxi/taxi assist when taxiing on the deck on moving ships, OR taxi at low speed/low throttle

This issue does not occur at static ship locations.


Unfortunately, the Harrier Flight Model is not compatible with any moving ship at this time. We are working with DC Designs to find a solution to this issue.

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