🐞"Shaky Camera"/"Shaky Ship" Bug - Moving Ships

If you have experienced a bug on moving ships in which the carrier/camera "shakes" (moving ships only) - Congrats, you have a very powerful PC.

This issue occurs when the simulator runs at a very high framerate - higher than the rate of update of the ship's movement. To solve this issue, you must set a limit to the framerate:

Solution 1: VSync

  1. Make sure you don't have a GSync-enabled monitor. If you do, disable GSync.

  2. On the Simulator Graphic Settings, enable VSync. Set VSync to 33% or 50% of the refresh rate of your monitor.

  3. Launch the carrier. Change the settings until you find the carriers are functioning well and the simulator runs smoothly.

Solution 2: Limit your FPS

  1. Close the Simulator

  2. Launch Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Equivalent

  3. Under "program settings", select Microsoft Flight Simulator

  4. Under "Max Frame Rate", set it to exactly 48 FPS

  5. Relaunch the Simulator. Problem should now be fixed

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