🐞Supercarrier Pro CTDs - On Spawn or when Flying to Carrier


We have identified that REX Real Global Airport Textures may trigger Crash to Desktops with our Supercarrier Pro product. We have been unable to identify what is the source bug resulting on these CTDs, but we are in communication with the team at REX to provide a solution to this issue.

In the meantime, please uninstall REX Real Global Airport Textures.

On AMD Graphics Cards:

We are aware of issues with AMD Graphics Cards that may result on Crash to Desktops. This issue is not unique to Supercarrier Pro, but rather a generalized MSFS Issue with stock arresting gear. This issue has been raised to Asobo for further investigation.

Luckily, we have found a workaround for those customers who own an AMD Graphics Card:

  • delete reference_points.cfg on both

    • miltechsimulations-supercarrier-pro\SimObjects\Boats\Miltech CVN78

    • miltechsimulations-supercarrier-pro\SimObjects\Boats\Miltech USS76.

Do keep in mind that if you decide to do that, you must use β€œModern Arrestors” on all landings - regardless if the aircraft has a tailhook or not.

For more information on Modern Arrestors, click here: Arrestor Cables

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