Arrestor Cables

Stock MSFS Arrestor Cables

The Miltech Supercarrier Pro features both Stock MSFS Arrestor Cables at all locations (Static and Moving).

Stock MSFS Arrestor Cables are compatible with aircraft with tailhooks (eg. the Stock F/A-18 included with the Top Gun Expansion). Stock Cables are unfortunately more or less effective depending on the location of the carrier due to a bug with the arrestors and the MSFS earth model.

For that reason, and for universal compatibility with all aircraft products (Stock and 3rd Party) we highly recommend you use "Modern Arrestors" regardless of aircraft and location.

Modern Arrestor Cables

Modern Arrestors have been developed as an alternative due to the limitations of the Stock MSFS Arrestor Cables. Modern Arrestors work universally with any aircraft, regardless of carrier location and whether the aircraft has a tailhook or not.

To engage Modern Arrestors, the Miltech Supercarrier Toolbar must be open on the Landing tab and "Enable Modern Arrestors" must be active. For more information: Landing Tab

  • Take in mind that the Modern Arrestors deactivate automatically if the toolbar menu is closed. Toolbar must be open at all times when the arrestors are being used.

  • Modern Arrestors engage automatically when the aircraft contacts the ground. As the aircraft comes to a full stop, the cables disengage. Modern arrestors remains activated for another landing unless manually disactivated.

  • Modern Arrestors can be "enabled always on" through the Settings tab. This means that Modern Arrestors will be used on all carrier landings by default, and it won't require the user to manually activate them every time.

  • For an effective recovery, it is recommended that you touch down at a speed no greater than 160 KIAS

  • Modern Arrestors will also work for landings at any hard surface - Airports, other vessels, etc.

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