Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS)

The Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System, often referred to as the "FLOLS," is a crucial technology used for aircraft carrier operations. The primary purpose of the FLOLS is to aid pilots during the critical phase of landing on an aircraft carrier. This system provides visual cues to approaching aircraft, helping them maintain the correct glide path for a safe and precise landing. The system is typically set for a 3.5-degree glideslope targeting the wires.

The FLOLS lighting system is located at the port side of both aircraft carriers, and is also available on the Miltech Supercarrier Toolbar under the "Landing Tab". More information here: Landing Tab

  1. Datum Lights: a horizontal row of green lamps used to give the pilot a reference against which they may judge their position relative to the glide slope.

  2. Ball: Orange light that moves up/down relative to the datum. Indicates the position of the aircraft in reference to the glideslope. Must be kept aligned with the datum for a precise landing.

  3. Wave-Off Lights: Red flashing lamps which, when lit, indicate that the pilot must add full power and go around – a mandatory command. The LSO will initiate a wave off any time the aircraft is not within safe parameters for the approach.

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