Access to the Discord server is restricted to individuals who have legally purchased a copy of the product. Any attempt to access this server without a valid license will be considered copyright infringement and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the product is strictly prohibited. If you believe that someone is using this server without a valid license, please contact us immediately.

If you have a valid copy of the product, the server can be accessed here: https://discord.gg/FDfwAsGhwu

Community and Events

The core idea of having an exclusive discord is engagement. Foster social interaction and provide users with opportunities to collaborate, compete, or simply enjoy the virtual skies together.

The Discord community was born with this purpose in mind - hosting organized events, multiplayer sessions, fly-ins, and providing a voice channel to communicate when flying multiplayer. A place for you to flex your landing score, or reach out for tips and help. A place to build your squadron or make new friends while practicing Recovery.

The Discord community is exclusive for those who have legally bought a copy a copy of Miltech Simulations Supercarrier Pro - this will be strictly enforced.

Communications (Control Areas)

Voice channels for all static and multiplayer locations are available under the "Ford Control Area" and "Nimitz Control Area". These voice channels are to be used in Multiplayer Operations to ease communications between players.

These voice channels are exclusively for use within their corresponding Control Areas. For general voice chatting, use the General-Voice channel.

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