Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier (CVN-78)


The Ford-class aircraft carriers are the newest and most advanced class of aircraft carriers in the United States Navy. They are designed to be more efficient, capable, and powerful than any other carrier in service. The Ford-class carriers have a number of new features, including an electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS), a new arresting gear system, and a new weapons handling system. They are also larger and more capable than the Nimitz-class carriers that they are replacing.

Compared to the Nimitz Class, the Ford has a larger deck and hangar. However, it has 3 elevators and 3 arrestor ables instead of 4.


  1. Electromagnetic (EMALS) Catapults 1 (down) and 2 (up)

  2. Electromagnetic (EMALS) Catapults 3 (down) and 4 (up)

  3. Arrestor cables (3 wires)

  4. Elevator 1

  5. Elevator 2

  6. Elevator 3

  7. Jet Blast Deflectors 1 (down) and 2 (up)

  8. Jet Blast Deflectors 3 (down) and 4 (up)

  9. Bridge

  10. Bubble

  11. (Not Pictured) Aircraft Hangar


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