Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier (CVN-76, CVN-69)


The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier represents the pinnacle of naval power projection. These colossal vessels, measuring over 1,000 feet in length and displacing over 100,000 tons, serve as mobile airfields capable of launching and recovering a formidable array of aircraft, including fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and helicopters. With their nuclear propulsion systems, they offer virtually unlimited operational range and endurance, enabling them to project American airpower to any corner of the globe.

Compared to the Ford Class, the Nimitz has a smaller deck and hangar. However, it has 4 elevators and 4 arrestor cables instead of 3.


  1. Catapults 1 (down) and 2 (up)

  2. Catapults 3 (down) and 4 (up)

  3. Arrestor cables (4 wires)

  4. Elevator 1

  5. Elevator 2

  6. Elevator 3

  7. Elevator 4

  8. Jet Blast Deflectors 1 (down) and 2 (up)

  9. Jet Blast Deflectors 3 (down) and 4 (up)

  10. Bridge

  11. Bubble

  12. (Not Pictured) Aircraft Hangar


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Flight Deck Equipment

Flight Deck Equipment

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Approach and Landing Equipment and Operations

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Launch Operations

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