đŸ›ĢLaunch Operations

Both the Nimitz-Class and Ford-Class carriers are equipped with four catapults - Catapults 1 and 2 are on the bow and catapults 3 and 4 are on the waist.

Select the desired catapult for takeoff using the Miltech Supercarrier Toolbar under the Controls tab.

Once the catapult has been selected, it will become active and the crew will guide you to the selected catapult.

Catapult Launch Operations


  1. Taxi to Catapult: Apply little throttle and move carefully on the deck at low speed. Keep your wings folded (if applicable) and Nose Wheel Steering to HIGH. Use Quick Taxi if required.

  2. Align yourself with the Catapult: A taxi director will guide you to the selected catapult. Follow the hand signals to turn left/right or continue forward until the Taxi Director indicates you to stop. Brake until full stop and set power to IDLE.

  1. Configure Aircraft: Lower launchbar and unfold wings (if applicable). Set takeoff flaps and perform takeoff checklists. Deactivate Nose Wheel Steering. Click on the yellow checkmark to arm the catapult.

Arm the Catapult

  1. Crew Checks: Green vests (catapult crew) will now secure the launchbar and set the catapult for launch. The aircraft may move slightly as its being aligned with the catapult. Jet Blast Deflectors will rise automatically. Green vests will then signal the aircraft is ready for launch.

  1. Salute the Catapult Crew: Salute the catapult crew by clicking the green arrow on the Supercarrier Toolbar. This signals that you're all set for launch. Apply full throttle now. The aircraft will not move until catapulted.


  1. Shooter Checks: The shooter will perform final checks and indicate the launch. Aircraft will accelerate along the catapult and reach takeoff speed in less than 3 seconds - do not move the ailerons, elevators, or rudder until the aircraft has vacated the deck.

  1. Rotate: Rotate the nose and establish a positive rate of climb. Retract gear and flaps as required. Fly parallel to the carrier until you have reached 500ft and proceed to the desired course.

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