Controls Tab

  1. Quick Taxi: With Quick Taxi, you can easily reposition the plane with the joystick. Move the stick up or down to move forward or backward. Move the stick left or right to rotate left or right. Particularly useful when moving inside the Hangar, when pushback is required, or with VTOL aircraft, such as the Osprey and Harrier.

  2. Align to Wind: Only available on moving carriers. Aligns the carrier with the current wind direction. Doesn't work with multiplayer auto-sync. Align to Wind should be used when the aircraft is not on deck or in the hangar. If the aircraft happens to be on the deck or hangar, it's best to immediately teleport - otherwise the aircraft will fall in the water.

  3. Multiplayer Auto-sync: Only available on moving carriers. Syncs the position of your local carrier with the multiplayer server. Required for multiplayer flight on moving carriers, as otherwise the location would be different across different players. More information on Multiplayer Operations

  4. Catapults: Selects, activates, and executes the catapult launch sequence on the selected catapult. First click selects the catapult. Second Click (yellow checkmark, only available when aircraft has been positioned on the catapult correctly) activates the launching sequence and JBD. Third click (green arrow) executes the catapult launch. For more information, Launch Operations

  5. Elevators: Moves selected elevator up/down. Ford-class features 3 elevators, while Nimitz Class has four. Hangar is only accessible on moving carriers.

  6. Teleport (Experimental): Teleports aircraft to selected location - Runway, Parking, Hangar or Approach. Sets the state of the aircraft according to selected Teleport. Experimental feature. For more information, Teleporting (Experimental Feature)

A warning message will display if not in range of any Carriers

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