Teleporting (Experimental Feature)

Teleporting is an experimental, in-development feature. It is fully compatible with the stock F/A-18, and most stock aircraft included with MSFS. However, Teleport can be problematic with some 3rd party aircraft, and some functions of the aircraft can become broken, such as parking brake, gear, systems, and engine. The teleport instructs the plane to revert to a spawn-at-parking state, but it seems in some cases not all systems properly update.

Teleporting can be used on moving ships to quickly spawn on the carrier's deck after starting a flight in the air. Teleport is currently possible to:

TeleportAircraft State


Cold&Dark. Only available on moving ships. Quick Taxi is recommended to navigate around the hangar.




Ready to Fly.


On approach, aligned with centreline and on glideslope. Aircraft configured for landing (eg. landing speed, flaps out, gear out, tailhook deployed)

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