Landing Tab

  1. Enable Modern Arrestors: Modern Arrestors enable arrestor cable functionality to any aircraft, regardless of whether the aircraft has a tailhook or not. It is recommended to use Modern arrestors, even with aircraft that do feature a tailhook, as the stock MSFS tailhook may not be effective at certain locations. For more information, check Arrestor Cables

    1. To enable modern arrestors, click the button in the Approach tab on approach. The arrestors will engage upon contact with the flight deck. Modern arrestors remain active until manually deactivated.

    2. Modern arrestors can be toggled "always on" on the settings tab. The "enable modern arrestors" button on the Landing page will disappear if "Modern arrestors always on" is enabled on the settings tab.

  2. Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS): Type of Optical Landing System (also commonly referred as "ball") used to give glidepath information to pilots in the terminal phase of landing. This information can also be visible on the FLOLS lights on the port side of the carrier. For more information, check Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS)

  3. Long Range Laser Lineup System (LRLLS): Uses color-coded lasers to provide horizontal lineup information of approaching aircraft. The color and flashing rate of the laser indicates the angle with respect of the centreline. For more information, check Long Range Lineup System (LRLS)

  4. Scoring: Provides a score from 0-5 (EASY MODE from 0-10), as well as LSO Feedback, based on the accuracy of the landing. There are two modes available: Regular and Easy, configurable on the Config Tab. For more information, check Landing Signal Officer (LSO)

  5. Scoring Details: Opens on click of the (i) Icon. Provides details on the scoring, such as Altitude, AoA and Alignment scoring, as well as cable caught.

  6. Information: Provides brief information on the functionality of the Toolbar.-

A warning message will display if not in range of any Carriers

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