Settings Tab

  1. Discord: Launches invite to the exclusive Discord server. For more information, Discord

  2. Toggle LSO On/Off: Toggles Landing Signal Officer callouts and feedback on/off

  3. Toggle Marker On/Off: Toggles visible and fixed POI Marker on/off. Can be used to easily locate the carrier.

  4. Toggle Modern Arrestors always on: Modern Arrestors will remain always on. No need to re-enable modern arrestors every time the sim is loaded.

  5. Easier Feedback and Scoring: Reduces the difficulty of the LSO feedback and scoring. For more information, Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Easier Feedback and Scoring also makes FLOLFs slightly easier by still showing a dot if you're below or above the glideslope. LSO Feedback on Easy mode is given as score out of 10 instead of out of 5. This is to differentiate easy scores from normal scores.

  6. Reset Settings: Resets all settings to default values.

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