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NEW ON V1.3.0

  • Pop-out instrument screens added. Note that the pop-outs do not support complex graphics (eg. Map, Synthetic vision)

  • Effectiveness of trim dampened on VTOL/CONV

  • Trim consistency between APLN and CONV improved. CONV FM resets to zero trim upon conversion.

  • ui_typerole changed to Rotorcraft to allow aircraft to make use of helipads in the simulator [experimental, please report any issues]

  • Added trim indicator to MFD (FCS monitor page (STAT-> FCS -> FCS MON)

  • Added togglable (optional) aera-style GPS for in-cockpit NAV and flight planning. (CDU -> ACFT Init -> Page 3 -> Handheld GPS)


The MV-22B is a tiltrotor aircraft, combining the Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities of a helicopter with the speed, range and service ceiling of a turbo-prop aircraft. The aircraft is a twin engine, twin proprotor, high wing, twin tail design with retractable landing gear.

The MV-22B is the variant especially built for the Marine Corps, and as such, features slightly different designs and systems compared to the Navy or Air Force variants. Our MV-22B features fictional Navy and USAF liveries for entertainment purposes, but it does not represent the real variants these agencies operate.

Our rendition of the MV-22B includes the following liveries:

  • Marine “Golden Eagles” (MCAS New River)

  • Marine “Thunder Chickens” (MCAS New River)

  • Marine “Blue Knights” (MCAS New River)

  • Marine “Evil Eyes” (MCAS Miramar)

  • Marine “Presidential Nighthawks” (MCAS Quantico)

  • Navy “Titans” (NAS North Island) (CMV-22B VARIANT)

  • Air Force “Blackbirds” (AFB Hulburt Field) (CV-22B VARIANT)

  • Japan Self-Defense Force

  • Blank Livery

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get set up with our product quickly and easily.

Requirements 🧾
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator – PC or Xbox. Latest version available.

  • A valid product license from ORBX or the MS Marketplace

  • Joystick Controller (Recommended) or Xbox controller

  • CPU: Quad-core processor or better.

  • GPU: At least 6GB of dedicated memory, Nvidia 1060 or better.

  • RAM: 8GB Minimum.

  • Hard Disk: At least 4GB Recommended.

Where to Buy? 💰
  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator in-game Marketplace

Installation - ORBX 🔽
  1. Launch ORBX Central with Administrator Rights.

  2. Verify ORBX Central has located your MSFS Community Folder Path

  3. Search the product

  4. Click “Install” and wait for the product to install successfully

  5. Close ORBX and launch Microsoft Flight Simulator By default the product is installed on: (User)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community\miltechsimulations-aircraft-osprey-mv2

Installation - MS Marketplace 🔽
  1. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator

  2. Open the Marketplace

  3. Search the product

  4. Click “Install” and wait for the product to install successfully. The product is by default installed on: (User)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\miltechsimulations-aircraft-osprey-mv22

Ready to Fly? ✈️
  1. Get familiarized with the Important Need-to-Knows


The product can be removed from ORBX Central or the MS Marketplace, by clicking on the uninstall button.

Although this simulated aircraft resembles its real-world counterparts in many aspects, the product does not accurately represent (nor intends to accurately represent) the performance, systems, design, and/or features of the real-life counterpart. It is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and shall not be used for real aircraft training or any other professional application. This product is not endorsed, supported by, related to, certified by, or in any way connected to Bell Helicopter Textron, The Boeing Company, the US Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, the Japanese Self Defense Army or any aircraft manufacturer or operator. The product has been exclusively inspired by readily available information. This product falls into Fair Use of all applicable copyrighted and trademarked materials, as a transformative work inspired by the real aircraft.

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