CDU - Menu 1

Accessible through a single click of the CDU Button

Functions not described are INOP

  1. ACFT INIT: Opens the Aircraft Initialization menu.


  1. Menu 1 / Menu 2 / Menu 3: Switch between ACFT INIT Menu Screens. All items on Menu 1 and Menu 2 are INOP. All items listed here and shown are Menu 3.

  2. Pitot & Engine Covers: Toggles pitot and engine covers on/off. Engines must be off for pitot and engine covers to appear on the external model

Wheel chocks are automatically activated when the aircraftโ€™s ground speed is Zero and parking brake is ON.

  1. Handheld GPS (Not Pictured): Enables Aera-style GPS for flight planning and NAV.

  2. Reset Fail: Only becomes available if the aircraft has crashed into the ground or engines have overstressed (RESET FAIL shows active in white with *). To reset failures, move the Engine Control Levers to OFF, APU ON, Parking Brake ON and hit โ€œReset Failโ€ once (shows inactive in Green). Aircraft will be reset to a Clean configuration, ready for Engine Start.

  3. Flight Reality

    1. EASY: Deactivates Vortex Ring State and Engine Failures. Must be set before every flight (HARD is the standard). Prevents the aircraft from stalling under VRS conditions, and the engine from failing due to overstress

    2. HARD: Activates Vortex Ring State and Engine Failures. Default mode. The aircraft will stall under VRS conditions, and the engines may fail due to overstress.

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