Engine Instrument Crew Alerting System (EICAS) & Standby Flight Display

Accessible through a single click of the EICAS button, or the CDU button. EICAS is by default always shown in the center of the CDU, except when navigating the STAT pages. The EICAS display is used to give the crew an overview of aircraft systems operation. Some of the key engine indications are also shown on the Standby Flight Display.

  1. Nacelle Angle Indicator

  2. Fuel Quantity

  3. Nr: Percentage of Nominal Proprotor Speed (rpm)

  4. Np: Percentage of Nominal Turbine Shaft Power

  5. Flaps Level Indicator

  6. ENG TRQ: Engine Torque

  7. Ng: Gas Generator Speed (e.g. compressor shaft)

  8. MGT: Measured Gas Generator Temperature

  9. OIL PSI: Oil Pressure

  10. HYD: Hydraulic Pressure: Hyd pressure must be at least 3800psi on at least one HYD system for nacelles to move.

  11. PRGB: Proprotor Gearbox oil Pressure/Temperature

  12. TAGB: Tilt Axis Gearbox oil Pressure/Temperature

  13. MWGB: Midwing Gearbox oil Pressure/Temperature

  14. Alerting System

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