Exterior Lighting (LTS) Menu

Accessible through a single click of the LTS button, located on the upper right area of the CDU Keyboard.

  1. Master CTRL: Master Control off/on. Master switch for all exterior lighting. Must be ON (clicking the arrow button) for any exterior lighting to function.

  2. Top Strobe: Controls the top Strobe light. Off / Normal / Navigation Modes

  3. Bottom Strobe: Controls the bottom Strobe light. Off / On

  4. Position Lights: Controls the Position Lights. Off / Both / Nacelles Only / Tail Only Modes

  5. Position Lights Brightness: Bright / Dim (Position Lights must be β€œBoth”, β€œNAC” or β€œTAIL”)

  6. Position Lights Flash: Flashing / Steady (Position Lights must be β€œBoth”, β€œNAC” or β€œTAIL”)

  7. Exterior Lighting Menu Selector

  8. Propeller Tip Lights: Controls the green lights at the tip of the propellers. Off / Bottom Lights / Top Lights

  9. Formation Level (0-10): Formation Light Level of Brightness from 0 - 10

  10. Landing Gear Lights: Controls the Landing Gear Lights. Off / Auto

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