Forward-Looking Infrared Camera (FLIR)

Infrared cameras are currently not supported by MSFS. Instead, the Forward-Looking Map or Top Map View is shown on the screen.

  1. Nacelles Indicator (Degrees)

  2. Indicated Airspeed (Knots)

  3. Altitude Indicator (Feet)

  4. Vertical Speed Indicator (Feet/min)

  5. Radio Altimeter (Feet)

  6. Interm Power: Green = normal, Yellow = caution, Red = warning, Red Blinking = engine overstress

Engines cannot sustain full throttle for longer than 60 seconds. If Interm Power is blinking, reduce throttle to at least 98% for a few seconds to reduce stress on the engines.

  1. Artificial Horizon

  2. Heading Indicator

  3. VOR Identification and DME Distance Information

  4. Map Mode: Map OFF(Pictured); VID: Forward-looking map; V/KL: Top map view

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