Navigation Functions (NAV)

This page contains the Navigation, VOR and Flight plan data.

Note that crossed-out options are INOP

  1. Mode: CTR(Pictured): Centered; DCTR: Decentered

  2. Mode: HDG: Heading, TRK(Pictured): Track; NUP: North Up

  3. Range (Up/Down)

  4. Sequence (Up/Down): INOP

  5. Map Mode: Map OFF(Pictured); VID: Forward looking map; V/KL: Top map view

  6. HIS: Horizontal Situation Indicator, gives information about heading, compass rose, direction, VOR and deviation. VOR 1 and VOR 2 are inputted on the EICAS and can be used for ILS landings.

  7. VOR Identification and DME Distance Information

  8. Wind Direction and Speed

  9. Ground Speed

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