System Functions (SYST)

Most functions on the SYST page are not simulated, and therefore INOP (crossed with a green mark)

  • Blade Fold/Wing Stow (BFWS): One of the unique features of the Osprey is its capability of folding the wings, propellers and stowing the aircraft in a reduced space. This is particularly important when operating to/from Vessels and Carriers. BFWS procedures are fully modeled in our rendition of the Osprey.

  • NOTE: Simulated Aircraft Geometry remains the same when the wings are folded or unfolded. Crash Detection must be Off for this feature to work well in tight spaces.

  1. FLIGHT READY: Command to start the unfolding/unstowing process (when aircraft is Folded and Stowed OR Folded Horizontally)

  2. FULL STOW: Command to start the Folding and Stowing process (when aircraft is FLIGHT READY)

  3. ROTOR LOCK: Command to lock rotors. Cannot be activated if props are rotating.

  4. FOLD HORIZONTAL: Command for horizontal blade folding without fully stowing the wings. (when aircraft is FLIGHT READY).

  5. Checklist: Arrow marks items that have been completed automatically. See Normal Procedures on BFWS for more information

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