APPR using NAV1/NAV2 (ILS Approach – Glideslope and Localizer)

  1. Start the procedure, flying on AP (APLN mode)

  2. HeadingHold On, and the Heading Selector at a heading that deviates 20 – 50 degrees from the ILS Localizer heading.

  3. Check that this heading takes you to a point where it crosses the Localizer about

  4. 10 – 15 nautical miles out.

  5. AltHold On, flying at 2500 – 3000 ft above the ground, at an airspeed of 180 – 200 knots (APLN mode).

  6. Set the CRS for the NAV radio (usually NAV1, but could be NAV2) with the ILS, equal to the Localizer heading of the ILS.

  7. At DME 20, activate ApprHold.

  8. When the Localizer becomes Active, HeadingHold is auto-switched off and the AP intercepts and tracks the Localizer. This is at DME 10 – 15.

  9. When the Glideslope needle becomes Active (you are flying “into” the Glideslope), AltHold is auto-switched off, and the AP intercepts and tracks the Glideslope.

  10. Reduce speed as required and gradually move nacelles to 60 deg (STOL Position)

  11. Beware that the autopilot may behave oddly during Conversion. Use manual input as required

  12. On final approach, take manual control. Nacelles at 60 deg and speed must be 50-80 Knots.

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