Fuel Dumping

The Osprey is also capable of dumping fuel. Fuel dumping occurs at a very fast rate, and the pilot must be careful to not dump more fuel than intended. Fuel dumping is fully simulated on this product.

  1. Fuel dumping limited to 6000ft AGL and above, except during an emergency.

  2. Airspeed - 80KCAS or Higher

  3. Rate of Descent, 1000ft/min max, Rate of Climb, No limit

  4. Nacelles – 0 deg to 75 deg

  5. Landing Gear – Retracted

  6. All Cabin Doors – Closed

  7. Fuel Dump – Select

  8. Feed Tank will not be dumped, the system automatically secures that a minimum amount of fuel is left in the tanks.

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